Besides diesel engines, Mitsubishi also manufactures construction machinery. Find below an overview of applications and find out which engines have been used in these excavators and crawler dumpers.

Mitsubishi Construction Machinery Engine brand
Excavator MM15T Mitsubishi K3D
Excavator MM20 Mitsubishi L3E
Excavator MM20CR Mitsubishi L3E
Excavator MM20SR Mitsubishi L3E
Excavator MM20T Mitsubishi L3E
Excavator MM25 Mitsubishi K3E
Excavator MM25T Mitsubishi S3L2
Excavator MM30 Mitsubishi K3G
Excavator MM30B Mitsubishi K3G
Excavator MM30CR Mitsubishi S3L2
Excavator MM30CR2 Mitsubishi S3L2
Excavator MM30SR Mitsubishi S3L2
Excavator MM30T Mitsubishi S3L2
Excavator MM35 Mitsubishi K3G
Excavator MM35B Mitsubishi K3G
Excavator MM35T Mitsubishi S4L
Excavator MM40CR Mitsubishi S4L
Excavator MM40SR Mitsubishi S4L2
Excavator MM45 Mitsubishi K4N
Excavator MM45B Mitsubishi K4N
Excavator MM55SR Mitsubishi K4N-E1DSCMB
Excavator MM57SR Mitsubishi K4N-E1DSCMB
Excavator ME08 Mitsubishi C50L
Excavator ME15 Mitsubishi K3B
Excavator ME20 Mitsubishi K3E
Excavator ME25 Mitsubishi K4E
Excavator ME35 Mitsubishi K4E
Excavator ME40 Mitsubishi K4M
Excavator MS03M Mitsubishi S2E
Excavator MS04M Mitsubishi 4DQ50
Excavator MS030 Mitsubishi K4D
Excavator MX15 Mitsubishi L3E
Excavator MX35 Mitsubishi K4E
Excavator MX45 Mitsubishi K4E
Crawler dumper LD350 Mitsubishi S4E2
Crawler dumper LD400 Mitsubishi S6S
Crawler dumper LD700 Mitsubishi 6D16-T
Crawler dumper LD1000 Mitsubishi 6D22-T
Crawler dumper LD1000 Mitsubishi 6D24-T
Crawler dumper LD1000B Mitsubishi 6D22-T
Crawler dumper LD1000B Mitsubishi 6D24-T
Crawler dumper LD1000C Mitsubishi 6D22-T
Crawler dumper LD1000C Mitsubishi 6D24-T