Mitsubishi S4L2-T63SPH and the Mitsubishi K4N diesel engine

Hanix Japan is using for a long time Mitsubishi Heavy Industries engines. The development of new engines is a constant process. The Mitsubishi K4N diesel engine is replaces by a new type of engine. Parts for this engine are still available but it appears that a replacement of an engine is more attractive.
The H56C mini diggers Hanex equipped with a K4N Mitsubishi engine.
Geert Jan de Kok has put together a conversion kit to replace the engine K4N  by the S4L2T63SPH Mitsubishi turbo engine.

Hanix H56C

Several converted H56C Hanix mini digger are driving with the S4L2 Turbo engine without any problem
This 1758 cc turbocharged engine delivers 35.1 kW at 3000 rpm.
DET strives to ensure that users of MHI Mitsubishi Heavy Industries engines are fast and well supported. This is an example of pragmatic cooperation with the dealer of Hanix and DET the Mitsubishi dealer.