Mitsubishi S16U-PTA: fuel efficiency

The Mitsubishi S16U-PTA engine is fuel efficient thanks to Mitsubishi’s original direct injection system and turbo. Routine maintenance is easier than ever before, as the smart engine design has increased intervals for changing the oil. New materials in the exhaust system have further impoved the durability.

The Mitsubishi SU-Series are designed for a wide range of power use. The S16U V-type delivers 3600kW@1200rpm. Developed in close contact with the user, the engine is very user friendly and easy to maintain. The reliability and lifetime are extremely high.

The SU inherits all the very best of Mitsubishi’s proprietary technologies which have been developed for over half a century. Mitsubishi’s reliable mechanism generates a a powerful output, yet compact style makes the engine easy to mount and maintain. Robust, rigid structure and low fuel consumption ratio — the SU engine is built to deliver reliable service for many years and to satisfy the exacting demands of professionals.

Engine type 4 cycle, water cooled
Power output 2910-2297 kW
Emission Non-emission
Bore x stroke 240 x 260 mm
Displacement (l) 188.194 l
Length 3380 mm
Width 1403 mm
Height 2177 mm
Dry weight 20500 kg