Mitsubishi SU-Series: Simple concept, minimum use of parts.

The Mitsubishi SU-Series are designed for a wide range of power use. The S6U line engine delivers a power output of 1260 kW@1000rpm and the S16U V-type delivers 3600kW@1200rpm. Developed in close contact with the user, the engine is very user friendly and easy to maintain. The reliability and lifetime are extremely high.

The SU inherits all the very best of Mitsubishi’s proprietary technologies which have been developed for over half a century. Mitsubishi’s reliable mechanism generates a a powerful output, yet compact style makes the engine easy to mount and maintain. Robust, rigid structure and low fuel consumption ratio — the SU engine is built to deliver reliable service for many years and to satisfy the exacting demands of professionals.

Emission legislation

(Inter)national legislations such as Stage V have a big impact on the use of diesel engines in non-road machines. Click here to read all about relevant legislations for your applications and to see the compliance of Mitsubishi engines.

Discover the SU-Series

The Mitsubishi SU-Series consist of the S6U, S8U, S12U and S16U engines. Click the engines below to find out more about each individual engine.