Mitsubishi SS-Series: Great performance, clean engines

These engines combine a low sound intensity level with low emissions and an excellent duty capacity.

Sound and vibration reducing parts:

  • Special crankshaft;
  • Bent surface texture;
  • Ribbed where necessary;
  • Increased solidity;
  • Construction measures to counter gear noise;
  • Adaption of pistons.

Especially for machines which are active in populated areas, quiet machines and low emissions are more important than ever. Great performance while saving the environment: this is the engine for operations in civilized areas.

The SS engine is a high duty engine, but also a clean engine. A complete combustion of the injected fuel is achieved through intelligent design leading to improved combustion. The low emission of this engine reduces the strain on the environment and makes this engine a comfortable choice for environmentally conscious companies.

Multi-applicable machines

Direct fuel injection and a swirl-chamber make these engine suitable for in- and outdoors applications. The engine can be deployed in construction machinery but also in forklifts and gensets.

SS-Series features:

The advantages of the Mitsubishi SS series are:

  • Low fuel consumption
  • Low maintenance
  • Sound attenuation
  • Lower emission

Emission legislation

(Inter)national legislations such as Stage V have a big impact on the use of diesel engines in non-road machines. Click here to read all about relevant legislations for your applications and to see the compliance of Mitsubishi engines.

SS-Series engines
The SS-Series consist of the S4S and S6S engine. Click one of the engines below to learn more about these engines.