Mitsubishi S16R2-F1PTAW2 is a very powerful and reliable diesel engine, used in industrial and marine applications. Emissions according 1/2 TA-Luft, <2000 MG NOX.

Greater power in less space

The Mitsubishi SR series gives greater power in less space. The SR series consist of 6-cylinder in-line diesel engines, 12 cylinder V- type and 16 cylinder V- type engines. These compact power units require less floor space in a generator set arrangement. They are also lightweight, easy to handle and easy to install.

Extra high fuel efficiency
Experience gained during more than a decade of SB, SA and SN diesel engine production led to the introduction of a direct injection system employing Mitsubishi’s originally designed PS type fuel injection pump. Now, in combination with an originally designed high performance turbocharger and twin passage swirl port, Mitsubishi has delivered an outstanding fuel-efficient engine in the SR series. Parts like the water pump, fuel pump, injector and oil filter are available from stock.

Unique design

  • Newly designed crankcase and components offer lightweight configuration;
  • Most accessories are concentrated on one side of the engine for easier daily maintenance;
  • Exterior engine piping has been replaced by internal installation of accessories thereby eliminating the possibility of pipe breakage;
  • Cartridge type paper filter facilitates easy filter change.
Engine type 4-cycle, water cooled
Power output 1960 - 2430kW
Emission 1/2 TA Luft
Bore x stroke 170 x 220 mm
Displacement (l) 79.90
Length 3118 mm
Width 1478 mm
Height 2030 mm
Dry weight 7750 kg