The Mitsubishi S16R:  powerful and reliable 

  • Newly designed crankcase and components offer lightweight configuration.
  • Most accessories are concentrated on one side of the engine for easier daily maintenance.
  • Exterior engine piping has been replaced by internal installation of accessories thereby eliminating the possibility of pipe breakage.
  • Cartridge type paper filter facilitates easy filter change.

Emission legislation

(Inter)national legislations such as Stage V have a big impact on the use of diesel engines in non-road machines. Click here to read all about relevant legislations for your applications and to see the compliance of Mitsubishi engines.

Engine type 4-cycle, water-cooled
Power output 1480 - 2150kW
Emission Non-emission
Bore x stroke 170 x 180
Displacement (l) 65.37 l
Length 2880 mm
Width 1360 mm
Height 1810 mm
Dry weight 6750 kg