Mitsubishi SL-Series: Quiet & Clean

The Mitsubishi S3L2 and S4L2 demonstrate a superior applicability for construction and production machines. It has the best level of sound attenuation in its class, achieved by the optimal design of the fuel system and the thorough structural analysis of each component.

Noise/vibration reducing features:

  • Special crankshaft;
  • Bent surface texture;
  • Ribbed where necessary;
  • Increased solidity;
  • Construction measures that counter gear noise.

Low emissions, maxium power output

The SL series were designed after undergoing rigorous endurance tests with regard to the effectiveness of the middle low gear torque and by concentrating on machines for construction and production. A clean exhaust system that is beneficial to people and the environment has always been a top priority for the Mitsubishi engineers. Lower emissions are achieved with improvements in the fuel system for a total and trouble-free combustion.

Construction and production machine engines require an effective middle low gear torque and a high endurance level. Making use of their experience and theories, our technicians have repeatedly tested all aspects of the engine to ensure the best outcome.