Mitsubishi S6B3-PTA

Mitsubishi SB-series engines are fuel efficient thanks to Mitsubishi’s original direct injection system and turbo. Routine maintenance has become easier than ever, as the smart engine design has increased intervals for changing the oil. New materials in the exhaust system further improve the durability of this powerful engine.

Emission legislation

(Inter)national legislations such as Stage V have a big impact on the use of diesel engines in non-road machines. Click here to read all about relevant legislations for your applications and to see the compliance of Mitsubishi engines.

Engine type 4 cycle, water cooled
Power output 324 - 415 kW
Emission Non-emissie
Bore x stroke 135 x 170 mm
Displacement (l) 14.6 l
Length 1397
Width 887
Height 1282
Dry weight 1550 kg