Mitsubishi S12A2-PTA: Efficient and low maintenance

Mitsubishi SA-series engines are fuel efficient because of Mitsubishi’s original direct injection system and turbo. Routine maintenance has become easier than ever before, with increased intervals for changing the oil. New materials in the exhaust system have a positive effect on durability.


These engines have been designed to have the lowest possible impact on the environment.

  • Reduced vibration and sound;
  • Low emission of both particles and NOx;
  • None of the materials contain Asbestos;
  • Gaskets for extra safety.

For use in generators both the 50 Hz and 60 Hz fans are available. These extra options make the engine multi-applicable.

Power output 724 kW
Type 4 cycle, water cooled
Emission Non-emission
Bore x stroke 150 x 160 mm
Length 1816
Width 1382
Height 1542
Dry weight 3400 kg