Mitsubishi 6D24-T - Fuso engine

The Mitsubishi diesel engine 6D24-T is of high quality, delivers good performance, is highly effective, produces little sound and has a low emission. This engine is being used in a great number of industrial machines and construction applications such as:

·       Hydraulic excavators
·       Cranes
·       Crawl cranes
·       Generator sets
·       Drive of pumps
·       Multi purpose vehicles

Features of the 6D24 series:

·       A piston cooler is used in the cylinder block.
·       Cavitation free slip-fit dry liner is easily replaced.
·       The piston is supported by an internal steel prop, to reduce the sound level of the piston.
·       The design of the combustion chamber minimizes smoke formation and the emission of smoke particulates.
·       The high positioned cranck shaft and the strong engine timing ensure a very reliable valve system.

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