The Weidemann offer currently comprises articulated and compact Hoftracs, wheel loaders, telescopic wheel loaders, all-wheel drive telehandlers and a wide range of attachment tools and tyres. Weidemann is one of the leading manufacturers of machines for commercial agriculture and horse breeding, forestry and the wood industry, biogas plants, local government municipalities, horticulture, industry and commerce in Central Europe.

A number of Weidemann’s wheel loaders have been fitted with a Mitsubishi engine. See below for a complete overview.

Type Engine brand Type Remarks
Wheel Loader 1002D/M Mitsubishi K3D-61WH
Wheel Loader 1010D/M Mitsubishi L2E-61WH
Wheel Loader 1050D/M Mitsubishi S3L2-61WH
Wheel Loader 1055D/M Mitsubishi S3L2-61WH
Wheel Loader 1070D/M Mitsubishi S4L2-61WH
Wheel Loader 1302D/M Mitsubishi KE75-61WH
Wheel Loader 1502D/M Mitsubishi K4C-61WH
Wheel Loader 1504D/M Mitsubishi S3L2-61WH
Wheel Loader 1705D/M Mitsubishi K4E-61WH
Wheel Loader 1802BLD/M Mitsubishi K4E-61WH
Wheel Loader 2002D/M Mitsubishi 4DQ50
Wheel Loader 3002D/M Mitsubishi 4DQ50
Wheel Loader 811D/M Mitsubishi L2E-61WH
Wheel Loader 911D/M Mitsubishi L2E-61WH
Wheel Loader 912D/M Mitsubishi K3D-61WH
Wheel Loader 914D/M Mitsubishi K3D-61WH
Wheel Loader 916D/M Mitsubishi K4C-61WH
Wheel Loader 917D/M Mitsubishi K4E-61WH
Wheel Loader 919D/M Mitsubishi K4E-61WH