Terex is a global manufacturer of lifting and material processing products. A number of their products have been fitted with a Mitsubishi diesel engine. See a complete overview below.

Type Engine brand Type Remarks
Excavator TC16 Mitsubishi L3E-W262KL 123974~UP
Excavator TC16 Mitsubishi L3E-W462KL 179649~UP
Excavator TC16 Mitsubishi L3E-W462KLY
Excavator TC16 Mitsubishi L3E-62KL
Excavator TC20 Mitsubishi L3E-W262KL 123974~UP
Excavator TC20 Mitsubishi L3E-W462KL 179649~UP
Excavator TC20 Mitsubishi L3E-W462KLY
Excavator TC21 Mitsubishi L3E-62KL
Excavator TC25 Mitsubishi S3L2-W463KL 154943~UP
Excavator TC25 Mitsubishi S3L2-63KL-NP2
Excavator TC29 Mitsubishi S4L-Y262KL 84977~UP
Excavator TC35 Mitsubishi S4L2
Excavator TC35 Mitsubishi S4L2-Z363KL
Excavator TC37 Mitsubishi S4L2-Y263KL 88992~UP
Excavator TC37 Mitsubishi S4L2-Z363KL
Excavator TC48 Mitsubishi S4Q2-Y262KL 29328~UP
Excavator TC48 Mitsubishi S4Q2-Y364KL 65936~UP
Excavator TC48 Mitsubishi S4Q2-Z364KL
Excavator TC60 Mitsubishi S4Q2-Y263KL 28939~UP
Excavator TC60 Mitsubishi S4Q2-Y365KL 65977~UP
Excavator TC60 Mitsubishi S4Q2-Z365KL
Compact loader SKL808 Mitsubishi K3E-61SA Suction Fan
Compact loader SKL808 Mitsubishi K3E-61SA Blower Fan
Compact loader SKL809S Mitsubishi K4D-61KL Old
Compact loader SKL811A Mitsubishi K4D-61KL Series A
Swing loader SKS611 Mitsubishi K4D-61KL