Teksan aims to deliver uninterrupted power solutions through generator sets, mobile lighting towers and hybrid power systems.  Some of their generators have been fitted with a Mitsubishi diesel engines; see a complete overview below.

Type Engine brand Type Remarks
Generator TJ9MS Mitsubishi S3L2-61SD
Generator TJ10MS Mitsubishi L2E-61SDH 3000 rpm
Generator TJ11MS Mitsubishi S3L2-61SD
Generator TJ15MS Mitsubishi L3E-61SDH 3000 rpm
Generator TJ16MS Mitsubishi S4L2-61SD
Generator TJ20MS Mitsubishi S3L2-61SDH 3000 rpm
Generator TJ23MS Mitsubishi S4Q2-61SD
Generator TJ24MS Mitsubishi S4Q2-61SD
Generator TJ27MS Mitsubishi S4L2-61SDH 3000 rpm
Generator TJ34MS Mitsubishi S4S-61SD
Generator TJ45MS Mitsubishi S4S-DT61SD
Generator TJ51MS Mitsubishi S6S-65SG
Generator TJ67MS Mitsubishi S6S-DT65SG
Generator TJ1155MS Mitsubishi S12H-PTA
Generator TJ1425MS Mitsubishi S12R-PTA
Generator TJ1540MS Mitsubishi S12R-PTA2
Generator TJ1915MS Mitsubishi S16R-PTA
Generator TJ2100MS Mitsubishi S16R-PTA2
Generator TJ2225MS Mitsubishi S16R-PTAA2
Generator TJ1500MS6S Mitsubishi S12R-PTA
Generator TJ1525MS6A Mitsubishi S12R-PTA
Generator TJ1700MS6S Mitsubishi S12R-PTA2
Generator TJ1700MS6A Mitsubishi S12R-PTA2
Generator TJ2025MS6S Mitsubishi S16R-PTA
Generator TJ2050MS6A Mitsubishi S16R-PTA
Generator TJ2300MS6S Mitsubishi S16R-PTA
Generator TJ2290MS6A Mitsubishi S16-PTA2
Generator TJ2500MS6S Mitsubishi S16R-PTAA2
Generator TJ2550MS6A Mitsubishi S16R-PTAA2
Generator TJ1400MS5S Mitsubishi S12R-PTA
Generator TJ1425MS5A Mitsubishi S12R-PTA
Generator TJ1500MS5S Mitsubishi S12R-PTA2
Generator TJ1540MS5A Mitsubishi S12R-PTA2
Generator TJ1900MS5S Mitsubishi S16R-PTA
Generator TJ1900MS5A Mitsubishi S16R-PTA
Generator TJ2035MS5S Mitsubishi S16R-PTA2
Generator TJ2065MS5A Mitsubishi S16R-PTA2
Generator TJ2090MS5S Mitsubishi S16R-PTA2
Generator TJ2100MS5A Mitsubishi S16R-PRA2
Generator TJ2200MS5A Mitsubishi S16R-PTAA2
Generator TJ2250MS5S Mitsubishi S16R-PTAA2
Generator TJ2280MS5A Mitsubishi S16R-PTAA2