Sumitomo is a Japanese manufacturer of construction equipment. Many of their products have been fitted with a Mitsubishi diesel engine; see a complete overview below.

Equipment Type Engine brand Type
Excavator LS4300FJ-2 Mitsubishi 6D22
Excavator LS248RH-5 Mitsubishi 6D22
Excavator LS268 Mitsubishi 6D22
Excavator LS368RH-5 Mitsubishi 6D22
Crane SC800 Mitsubishi 6D22-T
Crane SC800-2 Mitsubishi 6D22-T
Crane SC800HD-3 Mitsubishi 6D24-T
Crane SC900-3 Mitsubishi 6D24-T
Crane SC1000-2 Mitsubishi 6D22-T
Crane SC1000-2S Mitsubishi 6D24-T
Crane SC1200 Mitsubishi 6D24-T
Crane SC3500 Mitsubishi 8DC9-T
Crane SD-515 Mitsubishi 6D22