Pel-Job was an independent French company which specialised in manufacturing compact machines. Since 1995, Pel-Job is a part of Volvo Construction Equipment.

Many of Pel-Job’s excavators have been fitted with a Mitsubishi engine. See below for a complete overview.

Type Engine brand Type
Excavator EB10 Mitsubishi L2E-61ES
Excavator EB11 Mitsubishi K3B-61ES
Excavator EB12 Mitsubishi K3B-61ES
Excavator EB12.4 Mitsubishi L3E-61ES
Excavator EB14 Mitsubishi K3B-61ES
Excavator EB14.4 Mitsubishi L3E-61ES
Excavator EB150 Mitsubishi L3E
Excavator EB150 XR Mitsubishi L3E2-63ESA
Excavator EB150 XT Mitsubishi L3E2-63ESA
Excavator EB150 XTV Mitsubishi L3E2-63ESA
Excavator EB16 Mitsubishi K3E-61ES
Excavator EB16.4 Mitsubishi L3E-62ES
Excavator EB200 Mitsubishi L3E
Excavator EB200 XT Mitsubishi L3E2-63ESA
Excavator EB200 XTV Mitsubishi L3E2-63ESA
Excavator EB22 Mitsubishi K3E-61ES
Excavator EB22.4 Mitsubishi K3E-61ES
Excavator EB250 Mitsubishi S3L2-61ES 1379~UP
Excavator EB250 Mitsubishi S3L2-63ES 44950~UP
Excavator EB25.4 Mitsubishi S3L2
Excavator EB28.4 Mitsubishi K3E-61ES
Excavator EB30.4 Mitsubishi S3L2
Excavator EB300 Mitsubishi S3L2-64ES
Excavator EB306 Mitsubishi S3L2
Excavator EB350 Mitsubishi S4L2
Excavator EB406 Mitsubishi S4L2
Excavator EB450 Mitsubishi K4N-D61ES
Excavator EB706 Mitsubishi S4S-61ES
Excavator EB706P Mitsubishi S4S
Excavator ED750 Mitsubishi L2E-61ES
Excavator LS2000 Mitsubishi K4E-61ES
Excavator LS286 Mitsubishi K3E-61ES
Excavator LS386 Mitsubishi K4E-61ES
Excavator Sirius Mitsubishi L3A-Ecomat
Excavator Sirius Mitsubishi L3C-Ecomat
Excavator Sirius Plus Mitsubishi L3E