New Holland is a producer of agricultural and construction equipment. Some of their excavators have been fitted with a Mitsubishi engine; see below for an overview of New Holland products which use a Mitsubishi engine.

Type Engine brand Type Remarks
Excavator EC15 Mitsubishi L3E-W262KL
Excavator E16B Mitsubishi L3E-W231KBS
Excavator E16B Mitsubishi L3E-W431KBS 180721~UP
Excavator E18B Mitsubishi L3E-W231KBS
Excavator E18B Mitsubishi L3E-W431KBS 180721~UP
Excavator E18SR Mitsubishi L3E-W231KBS
Excavator E18SR Mitsubishi L3E-W431KBS 180721~UP
Excavator EC25 Mitsubishi S4L-Y262KL
Excavator EC35 Mitsubishi S4L2-Y263KL
Excavator EC45 Mitsubishi S4Q2-Y162KL
Excavator EC45 Mitsubishi S4Q2-Y263KL
Excavator E135B Mitsubishi D04FR-TAY TIER 3A
Excavator E135BSR Mitsubishi D04FR-TAY TIER 3A
Excavator E140C Mitsubishi D04EG-TAA TIER 4
Excavator E150B Mitsubishi D04FR-TAY