To service the agricultural industry, Mitsubishi produces tractors. Find below an overview of all these tractors to see which Mitsubishi diesel engine is used to power these machines.

Type Engine brand Type
Tractor MT20MS4 Mitsubishi K3F
Tractor MT180 Mitsubishi K3C-13MT
Tractor MT180D Mitsubishi K3C-13MT
Tractor MT205M Mitsubishi K3G-D13A
Tractor incl. PTO MT230D Mitsubishi S3L2
Tractor MT265MFYS6 Mitsubishi S4L
Tractor MT300 Mitsubishi K3M-11A
Tractor MT300D Mitsubishi K3M-11A
Tractor MT372 Mitsubishi KE70
Tractor MT372D Mitsubishi KE70
Tractor MT470D Mitsubishi K3B-11B
Tractor GF130PYS1W Mitsubishi L3E