It does not come as a suprise that many of the Mitsubishi agricultural products have been fitted with a Mitsubishi engine. Find an overview of Mitsubishi tractors and mini-excavators here below.

Type Engine brand Type
Tractor MT20MS4 Mitsubishi K3F
Tractor MT180 Mitsubishi K3C-13MT
Tractor MT180D Mitsubishi K3C-13MT
Tractor MT205M Mitsubishi K3G-D13A
Tractor MT265MFYS6 Mitsubishi S4L
Tractor MT372 Mitsubishi KE70
Tractor MT372D Mitsubishi KE70
Tractor MT470D Mitsubishi K3B-11B
Tractor GF130PYS1W Mitsubishi L3E
Mini excavator MM20CR Mitsubishi L3E
Mini excavator MM20SR Mitsubishi L3E
Mini excavator MM30T Mitsubishi S3L2
Mini excavator MM40SR Mitsubishi S4L2
Compact excavator MM57SR Mitsubishi K4N-E1D