Mitsubishi Heavy Industries also includes Mitsubishi Agricultural Machinery. As the name says, this company specialises in building agricultural equipment. These shovels, harvesters and tractors are all powered by Mitsubishi’s reliable power. See below for a complete overview of Mitsubishi engines in these applications.

  Type   Engine brand Type
Tractor MT200D   Mitsubishi S3L
Tractor MT260D   Mitsubishi S3L2
Tractor MT301D   Mitsubishi K3M
Tractor MT251K   Mitsubishi S4L
Tractor MT331K   Mitsubishi S4L
Tractor GF14   Mitsubishi L3C
Tractor GF15   Mitsubishi L3C
Tractor GF16   Mitsubishi L3E
Tractor GF17   Mitsubishi L3E
Tractor GS160   Mitsubishi S3L
Tractor GS180   Mitsubishi S3L
Tractor GS200   Mitsubishi S3L
Tractor GS210   Mitsubishi S3L2
Tractor GS230   Mitsubishi S3L2
Tractor GS250   Mitsubishi S3L2
Tractor GOZ24   Mitsubishi K3M
Tractor GOZ26   Mitsubishi K3M
Tractor GOZ28   Mitsubishi K3M
Tractor GOZ30   Mitsubishi K3M
Tractor GOZ32   Mitsubishi K3M
Tractor GO26   Mitsubishi S4L-T
Tractor GO26H   Mitsubishi S4L-T
Tractor GO28   Mitsubishi S4L-T
Tractor GO28H   Mitsubishi S4L-T
Tractor GO30   Mitsubishi S4L-T
Tractor GO30H   Mitsubishi S4L-T
Tractor GO32   Mitsubishi S4L-T
Tractor GO32H   Mitsubishi S4L-T
Tractor GO34   Mitsubishi S4L-T
Tractor GO34H   Mitsubishi S4L-T
Tractor GX34   Mitsubishi S4L2-T
Tractor GX37   Mitsubishi S4L2-T
Tractor GX40   Mitsubishi K4N
Tractor GX46   Mitsubishi K4N
Tractor GX50   Mitsubishi S4Q2
Tractor MKM45   Mitsubishi S4Q2
Tractor MKM55   Mitsubishi S4S
Tractor MKM65   Mitsubishi S4S-D
Tractor MKM75   Mitsubishi S4S-DT
Tractor GCR85   Mitsubishi S6S-DT
Tractor GCR100   Mitsubishi S6S-DT
Tractor GCR120   Mitsubishi S6S-DT
Tractor GCR140   Mitsubishi 6D34-TLE2A
Tractor GCR160   Mitsubishi 6D34-TLE2A
Combine harvester VM213   Mitsubishi L3E
Combine harvester VM215   Mitsubishi L3E
Combine harvester VM217   Mitsubishi L3E
Combine harvester VMS16   Mitsubishi L3C
Combine harvester VMS16G   Mitsubishi L3C
Combine harvester VMS18   Mitsubishi L3E
Combine harvester VMS18G   Mitsubishi L3E
Combine harvester VMS20   Mitsubishi L3E
Combine harvester VMS20G   Mitsubishi L3E
Combine harvester VS211   Mitsubishi S3L
Combine harvester VS231   Mitsubishi S3L
Combine harvester VS251G   Mitsubishi S3L2
Combine harvester VS281G   Mitsubishi S3L2
Combine harvester VSS26   Mitsubishi S3L2
Combine harvester VSS30   Mitsubishi S3L2
Combine harvester VS38   Mitsubishi S4L2-T
Combine harvester VY43   Mitsubishi S4L2-T
Combine harvester VY321G   Mitsubishi S3L2-T
Combine harvester VY50   Mitsubishi S4Q2-13C
Combine harvester VY60   Mitsubishi S4Q2-T11C
Combine harvester VG60   Mitsubishi S4Q2-T11C
Combine harvester VG65   Mitsubishi 4D56-T
Combine harvester VG80   Mitsubishi S4S-DT
Combine harvester VR90   Mitsubishi S4S-DT
Dumper DD180   Mitsubishi K3B-31MD
Shovel MA02    Mitsubishi K3E-31MS
Shovel 03-06-10   Mitsubishi K4D-31MS
Shovel MA35   Mitsubishi K4E-31MS