Hyundai Heavy Industries is one of the leaders in the global heavy industries sector. Manufacturing  amongst others pumps, dry docks, air compressors and excavators, Hyundai Heavy Industries can deliver a wide range of products.

For many of the excavators, Hyundai makes use of Mitsubishi engines. The Hyundai R170-7A excavator weighs 17 tons. The R170-7A is powered by a D04FD-TAA, a four-cylinder turbo-diesel aftercooler , built for power, reliability and fuel economy. This engine meets the latest EPA Tier 3 and EU level 3 emission standards.

Hyundai Forklift
Type Motor Motortype Remarks
Excavator R15-7 Mitsubishi L3E-W231KBS 165388~UP
Excavator R16-7 Mitsubishi L3E-W231KBS 165388~UP
Excavator R22-7 Mitsubishi L3E-W231KBS 165388~UP
Excavator R28-7 Mitsubishi S3L2-Y131NSB
Excavator R35-7 Mitsubishi S3L2-Y131NSB
Excavator R36N-7 Mitsubishi S3L2-Y131NSB
Excavator R55-7 Mitsubishi S3L2-Y131NSB
Excavator R75-7 Mitsubishi S4S-DT
Excavator R100-7 Mitsubishi S4K-Y2DT61HS
Excavator R110-7A Mitsubishi D04FD-TAA
Excavator R110D-7 Mitsubishi S4K-Y2DT61HS
Excavator R110D-7A Mitsubishi D04FD-TAA
Excavator R140LC-7A Mitsubishi D04FD-TAA
Excavator R140LCD-7A Mitsubishi D04FD-TAA
Excavator R140LCM-7A Mitsubishi D04FD-TAA
Excavator R160LC-7 Mitsubishi S6S-Y2DT61HS
Excavator R160LC-7A Mitsubishi S6S-Y2DT61HS
Excavator R160LCD-7A Mitsubishi D04FD-TAA
Excavator R180LC-7 Mitsubishi S6S-Y2DT61HS
Excavator R180LC-7A Mitsubishi D04FD-TAA
Excavator R180NLC-7A Mitsubishi D04FD-TAA
Excavator R180LCD-7A Mitsubishi D04FD-TAA
Wheel Excavator R95W-3 Mitsubishi S4S-DT
Wheel Excavator R140W-7A Mitsubishi D04FD-TAA
Wheel Excavator R170W-7 Mitsubishi S6S-Y2DT61HS
Wheel Excavator R170W-7A Mitsubishi D04FD-TAA
Excavator Robex 15-7 Mitsubishi L3E-W231KBS 165388~UP
Excavator Robex 16-7 Mitsubishi L3E-W231KBS 165388~UP
Excavator Robex 22-7 Mitsubishi L3E-W231KBS 165338~UP
Excavator Robex 28-7  Mitsubishi S3L2-Y131NSB
Excavator Robex 35-7 Mitsubishi S3L2-Y131NSB
Excavator Robex 36N-7 Mitsubishi S3L2-Y131NSB
Excavator Robex 55-7 Mitsubishi S3L2-Y131NSB
Excavator Robex 75-7  Mitsubishi S4S-DT
Excavator Robex 110-7  Mitsubishi S4K-Y2DT61HS
Excavator Robex 110D-7  Mitsubishi S4K-Y2DT61HS
Excavator Robex 160LCD-7 Mitsubishi S6S-Y2DT61HS
Excavator Robex 160LC-7 Mitsubishi S6S-Y2DT61HS
Excavator Robex 180LC-7 Mitsubishi S6S-Y2DT61HS
Excavator Robex 180NLC-7 Mitsubishi S6S-Y2DT61HS
Excavator Robex 180LC7 Mitsubishi S6S-Y2DT61HS
Excavator Robex 180LCD-7 Mitsubishi S6S-Y2DT61HS
Wheel Excavator Robex 95W-3 Mitsubishi S4S-DT
Wheel Excavator Robex 140W-7A Mitsubishi D04FD-TAA
Wheel Excavator Robex 170W7 Mitsubishi S6S-Y2DT61HS
Wheel Excavator Robex 170W-7  Mitsubishi S6S-Y2DT61HS
Mini Excavator R25Z-9A Mitsubishi S3L2
Mini Excavator R27Z-9 Mitsubishi S3L2
Mini Excavator R16-9 Mitsubishi L3E
Crawler Excavator R140LC-9 Mitsubishi DO4FD-TAA
Crawler Excavator R145LC-9 Mitsubishi DO4FD-TAA
Crawler Excavator R160LC-9 Mitsubishi DO4FD-TAA
Crawler Excavator R180LC-9 Mitsubishi DO4FD-TAA