Hokuetsu, which manufactures the brandname Airman, supplies several types of excavators, gensets and compressors. Several of the excavators have been fitted with a Mitsubishi engine. See the overview below to see which Hokuetsu applications are powered with a Mitsubishi engine.


  Type   Motor Type
Mini-excavator HM07SG   Mitsubishi L2A-31HSA
Mini-excavator HM10S   Mitsubishi K3B-31HS
Mini-excavator HM20S   Mitsubishi K3E-31HS
Mini-excavator HM20S-2   Mitsubishi K3E31HSA
Mini-excavator HM25S   Mitsubishi K3F-31HS
Mini-excavator HM30S   Mitsubishi K4E-31HS
Mini-excavator HM30S-2   Mitsubishi K4E-31HSA
Mini-excavator HM35S   Mitsubishi K4E-31HM
Mini-excavator HM35S-2   Mitsubishi K4E-31HMA