Hitachi Construction Machinery (HCME) manufactures quality products for the construction and mining industries and has produced 250,000 machines over 40 years. The most important products are hydraulic excavators, crawler cranes, wheel loaders, mobile vans, and mobile platforms crawler.

Hitachi offers a wide product range wich has a proven reputation in term of performance, reliability and safety. Hitachi frequently uses Mitsubishi diesel engines. A full list of HCME applications with a Mitsubishi engine can be seen below.

  Type Motor Type  
Excavator UE10 Mitsubishi K3B-31HS
Excavator UE20 Mitsubishi K3E-31HSA
Excavator UE30 Mitsubishi K4E-31HSA
Excavator UE40 Mitsubishi K4E-31HMA
Excavator UE005 Mitsubishi K3E
Excavator EX1200-5 Mitsubishi S6R-Y1TAA-1
Excavator EX1200-5C Mitsubishi S6R-Y2TAA-2
Excavator EX1900-5 Mitsubishi S12A2-Y1TAA-1
Excavator EX3600-5 Mitsubishi S16R-Y1TAA-1