As a manufacturer of generators, renewable energy systems and other energy systems, Heinkel is a versatile player in the field of energy technology.

Several of their gensets have been fitted with a Mitsubishi engine; see below the full overview of Heinkel applications

Type   Engine brand Type
Generator 006KA6R45   Mitsubishi S6A2-PTA
Generator 006KD6R45   Mitsubishi S6N-PTA
Generator 006KD6R45   Mitsubishi S6R-PTA
Generator 006KE6R45   Mitsubishi S6R2-PTA
Generator 012KA12V45   Mitsubishi S12A2-PTA
Generator 012KB12V45   Mitsubishi S12N-PTA
Generator 012KC12V45   Mitsubishi S12N-PTA2
Generator 016KA16V45   Mitsubishi S16N-PTA