Geko gensets are compact, quiet and energy efficient. In several of these diesel generators, Mitsubishi diesel engines were used to build the genset. This includes for example the DH 1650 genset, with the Mitsubishi diesel engine type S16R PTA. The 16-cylinder diesel engine at1500 rpm has a capacity of 65,37 liters displacement.

Please see the overview below to find out which Mitsubishi engine has been used in your Geko application.

Type Engine brand Engine type Remarks
Generator DH/S 10 MF Mitsubishi  S3L2
Generator DH/S 15 MF Mitsubishi  S4L2
Generator DH/S 20 MF Mitsubishi  S4Q2
Generator DH/S 10 Mitsubishi  S3L2
Generator DH/S 15 Mitsubishi  S4L2
Generator DH/S 20 Mitsubishi  S4Q2
Generator DH/S 30 Mitsubishi  S4S
Generator DH/S 40 Mitsubishi  S4S-DT
Generator DH 1300 Mitsubishi  S12R-PTA
Generator DH 1400 Mitsubishi  S12R-PTA2
Generator DH 1650 Mitsubishi  S16R-PTA
Generator DH 1750 Mitsubishi  S16R-PTA
Generator DH 1900 Mitsubishi  S16R-PTA2
Generator DH 2000 Mitsubishi  S16R-PTAA2
Generator DHR 20 Mitsubishi  S4Q2
Generator DHR 30 Mitsubishi  S4S
Generator DHR 40 Mitsubishi  S4S-DT