Denyo supplies generators, welding machines and air compressors. With a wide product range, Denyo can always provide the right assistance for you. Many of the generator sets have been fitted with a Mitsubishi engine; please see the overview down below to learn more about which engines have been used.

Type Engine Engine type Remarks
Generator DCA-125SG Mitsubishi 6DB10PT
Generator DCA-125SPM Mitsubishi 6D16-T
Generator DCA-125ESM Mitsubishi 6D16- TLE2D
Generator DCA-150SPM Mitsubishi 6D22
Generator DCA-150ESM Mitsubishi 6D16-TLE2Dᅠ
Generator DCA-220SPM Mitsubishi S6B-PT
Generator DCA-220ESM Mitsubishi S6B3-E2PTAA-3
Generator DCA-25SPMII Mitsubishi K4N-D
Generator DCA-300SPM Mitsubishi S6B-PTA
Generator DCA-400SPMᅠ Mitsubishi  S6B3-PTA
Generator DCA-500SPM Mitsubishi  S6R-PT
Generator DCA-500SPM Mitsubishi  S6A3-PTA
Generator DCA-600SPM Mitsubishi  S6R-PTAᅠ
Generator DCA-800AM Mitsubishi  S12A2-PTA
Generator DCA-800LBM Mitsubishi  S12A2-PTA
Generator DCA-800SSAMᅠ Mitsubishi  S12A2-PTA
Generator DCA-1100SPM Mitsubishi  S12H-PTA
Generator DCR-6FSS Mitsubishi  K2B-31DG
Generator DCT-200SS Mitsubishi  K2AS-31DG
Generator DCX-180SS Mitsubishi  K2AS-31DG
High Pressure Pump MW-1050 Mitsubishi  L3C-31DJ
Welding Generator PCX-50SS Mitsubishi  L3C-31DC
Welding Generator PCX-6FSS Mitsubishi  K2B-31DG