A diesel engine is a reciprocating engine that functions on the principle of self-ignition. This is why the diesel engine is also called compressed-air engine. The air necessary for combustion is first compressed in the cylinder by the piston, followed by fuel injection. The air, heated through compression, immediately ignites the fuel.

Diesel Equipment Trading has been the official distributor of Mitsubishi industrial diesel engines in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg since 1988. We are also the official distributor of Isuzu industrial diesel engines in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg since 2011.

Mitsubishi and Isuzu diesel engines are of a high quality and are used in a wide range of applications.
Well known applications of Mitsubishi diesel engines are:

  • Water pumps
  • Gensets / generator sets, for industrial use or marine applications
  • Power trains for construction equipment, for example mini excavating equipment
  • Propulsion systems for ships; ocean liners, ferries, fishing boats or yachts
  • Compressors
  • Agriculture equipment

Diesel Equipment Trading supplies the total line- up of Mitsubishi industrial diesel engines. By means of the submenu structure you will find all types of engines.
Under 'applications' you will find an overview of producers making use of Mitsubishi Diesel Equipment.

DET also has all parts of Mitsubishi diesel engines available for trade.

Mitsubishi parts are used in Kobelco, Tadano, Sumitomo, Furukawa, Kato, CAT and Hyundai excavating equipment powered by Mitsubishi diesel engines.

*VIV "Vereniging Importeurs Verbrandingsmotoren" stands for Union of Importers for Combustion engines.


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