Mitsubishi S16R-F1PTAW2 diesel engine 

2 Mitsubishi  2 Mega Watt generator sets are in operation at Colt, Belgium.
Recently 2 Mitsubishi 2200 kVa genset systems are placed at the Colt data center in Nossegem.
The data centre is used as a data storage and communication centre . The generators  are driven by Mitsubishi
S16R-F1PTAW2 engines. These engines provide a standby power output of 1945 kW at 1500 rpm. (2200 kVA).

Colt was founded as a telecommunication company in England and since 2010 it is an ICT service company with 20 data centers in Europe and owns thousands of miles of network infrastructure in Europe.  A customer of DET has supplied 2 special containers containing the Mitsubishi S16R-F1PTAW2 diesel engine which drives a generator so that in case of a network failure, the server system continues  to work . The container is equipped with a fuel tank, electrical installation and a roof positioned cooling system.